Regional Worship and Prayer Gatherings

Join us for Regional Worship and Prayer Gatherings in our region of western North Carolina. The locations for these meetings include (but are not limited to) Sylva, Franklin and Waynesville, NC.

The purpose of these gatherings is to unite believers in our region in worship and prayer.

SCHEDULE: See our calendar or subscribe for email updates.


We gather to pray and worship, combining musical worship with our prayers and God’s Word.

You may hear these types of gatherings called “Harp and Bowl”. Harp and Bowl is actually just the name of a communication model for worship teams and prayer leaders, to help them facilitate the prayer time more effectively. Learn more about the Harp and Bowl Model.


We invite all to participate by making the worth of Jesus known as we worship together. We also ask everyone to engage actively in intercession by repeating phrases in prayer back to God and praying from God’s Word as the worshipers sing and intercessors pray.

We also encourage believers to pray on the “prayer mic” so we can agree together in prayer. Our most often used material for prayer is the Apostolic Prayers of the New Testament and the prophetic promises of the Old Testament.

We simply ask God for 1-2 specific points to pray from His Word, reading the Scripture and then praying out those points. These prayers from God’s Word can be saved and printed via the PDF below.

We seek to pray with the love and redemptive purposes of God in mind. When we pray on the mic, we direct our prayer to God Himself and not to those in the room. Our prayers, when in alignment with God’s Word, are powerful! His Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11).

Resources: Prayers of the New Testament (pdf)


Want to join as we worship and pray for our community? Join us for our gatherings! If you are a local fellowship wanting to host a regional worship and prayer gathering, contact us.