Encouragement for the Houses of Prayer in Our Region

Over the last year we have embarked on a journey of following God’s leadership in a far greater way than ever before. It has required immense trust in Him, perseverance through the unknown, and obedience in walking out something vastly different than what we’ve ever known.

Nonetheless, this is a glorious adventure, a joy to be in such partnership with Him. Even despite the enemy’s attempts to discourage us, God promises that we shall be joyful in His house of prayer (Isaiah 56:7).

We want to share some of the prophetic words given to us by the Lord on this journey. Perhaps these words will encourage you as well.

God spoke of the season we are in.

The wind has shifted, and this is a new season. What worked before will work no longer. The way we do things is going to change. God is reshaping us into what He would have us to be. For FHOP, He has specifically clarified that we are a regional house of prayer, where worship, prayer and equipping are the main focus.

He is doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19). This is a season of pruning and testing, but also strengthening with fruitfulness to come. Though His promises seem greatly delayed, they shall come forth in His timing and way. He is making us ready.

God warned and exhorted us.

Go into this new season with no pre-conceived notions. Do not give up in the testing. Stay faithful and steadfast in obedience to the assignment. He has opened a door to us and we must keep going through, not turning back or closing it.

He exhorts us to flow with the new season and not fight against it. Will we give heed to the new God is bringing?

God encouraged us.

A word was given to a leader in our region: Though the houses of prayer in western North Carolina have seemed as if they are barely hanging on, God is in the process of strengthening us for the next season. We are setting a standard as He leads us, and He reminded us that the banner over us is His love.

Do not despise the day of small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). The widow, in giving a tiny amount, gave her all (Luke 21:1-3). Though it seemed small to those looking on, it was highly valuable to God. Keep investing in God’s Kingdom, pursuing intimacy with God and bringing forth His Word.

Our worship is a treasure to Him and a light for His Kingdom. Keep the fire burning on the altar (Leviticus 6:13). This fire must be kept burning both in our personal intimacy with God and in our gathering together to burn in unity as His Bride in worship and prayer.

God will make a way even in the wilderness. We will bring forth His praise and it will not be cut off (Isaiah 43:19-21). He shall bring the full, complete restoration and redemption even beyond what we have yet imagined.

Local to the western North Carolina region? Join us for our next Regional Worship and Prayer Gathering.

We will join together on Friday, May 25 at 7:00PM in Franklin at the MyHOP Community Prayer Room (CPR), 236 Cunningham Rd, Suite 7, Franklin, NC.