How to Partner with God in Prayer and Worship Gatherings

In less than two weeks, we will hold our first regional Worship and Prayer Gathering of 2018. We will meet at 7:00PM on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at our weekly meeting location in Sylva, NC.

We are grateful to join in intercession with two like-hearted ministries in our region. Throughout the year, we will rotate gatherings between Sylva, Waynesville and Franklin, joining with the Fig Tree of Waynesville and MyHOP WNC in Franklin. Our vision is to unify believers in our region to pray and encourage one another in the Lord.

During our regional gatherings, we combine musical worship with intercessory prayer based on God’s Word. You may also hear these types of gatherings called “Harp and Bowl.” (Harp and Bowl is actually just the name of a communication model for worship teams and prayer leaders, to help them facilitate the prayer time, but has become a sort of nickname for our meetings.)

We want all present to take part as we partner with God in prayer. Below are helpful ways you can participate during these gatherings.


How You Can Participate

Most importantly, make it your aim to be fully focused on Jesus in worship. As we set aside time to worship and pray, we declare God’s worth to those around us.

During these gatherings, join in the prayer focus by setting aside conversation with others and any other agenda. These times are specifically scheduled for worship and prayer. Our values concerning this are referenced in Psalm 27:4 and Hebrews 12:1-2.

Distractions are something all of us must fight. You can stay engaged with God by repeating phrases in prayer and worship back to Him. These phrases can be those being sung in worship or prayed on the microphone, as well as Scriptures that come to your mind.

As worshipers sing and intercessors pray, this helps us engage in conversation with God. Simple phrases such as “thank You for Your love,” “help me reflect Jesus more,” and “grow my trust in You” are valid forms of worship and prayer the Lord delights in.

These practical ideas can help connect both your heart and mind to God. It connects us more than merely singing lyrics or listening as others pray. We want to join as one voice, as active participants and not mere spectators.

Example 1: The worship team sings, “We are Your sons and daughters, beloved of our Father.”
Say or sing quietly back to God: “Thank You, Abba, that I am Your son/daughter. Thank You for Your love. Let me experience that love more deeply even now.”

Example 2: Someone prays on the mic from Ephesians 3:14-19 (an apostolic prayer), “Father, strengthen us by Your Spirit. Give Your Church revelation of Christ’s love that we would be rooted and grounded in His love. Help us to grasp the depths You went to show us Your love…”
Pray quietly in agreement: “Give us revelation of Your love” or “show us the depths of Your love.”

Never underestimate the value of even three second prayers expressed from the heart.

A final way to engage with God is to pray or sing quietly in your prayer language, allowing the Holy Spirit to pray and praise through you. Praying in the Spirit is a great way to pray when we you aren’t sure what to pray, and to grow more acquainted with the mind of God (see Romans 8:27; 1 Corinthians 2:11).

One of our values is praying biblically. Our material for prayer is the apostolic prayers of the New Testament and the prophetic promises of the Old Testament. These Scriptures are used as we pray on or off the microphone.

Praying on the Mic

We encourage believers to pray on the “prayer mic” We can’t easily join in agreement unless we know what we are praying together.

The prayer mic is not for preaching or teaching, nor for pointing our finger at the devil or people. Instead of praying against the darkness, we pray for God to release His light. Our aim is to pray with God from His heart for redemption. We want our intercession to flow from a heart that carries the compassion of Jesus.

When we pray on the mic, we direct our prayer to God Himself. We pray what we know He has shown us to pray, as revealed by His Spirit and Word.

How This Works

Related to the meeting’s prayer focus, ask God to highlight a Scripture concerning what is on His heart. You can look over the handout of Apostolic Prayers and Prophetic Promises, one of which God may highlight to you. You may also ask Him to bring to mind a word, phrase, or Scripture, and then find it on the handout or in the Word.

After selecting an apostolic prayer or other passage, choose one or two points to pray from the specific apostolic prayer or promise.

When you come to the mic, a prayer leader will first ask privately what you want to pray. Then, the leader will signal you to go to the mic. The worship team will play quietly and you may begin to pray. (Note: Please be sure to project your voice–but do not shout–so everyone can hear your prayer.)

On the mic: Share in about one sentence the Scripture and main focus of your prayer, afterward beginning to pray to Father God the points you chose from that Scripture.

As you end your prayer, use one key phrase you want to focus on, indicating this as the key phrase by saying, “in the name of Jesus/in Jesus’ name” then praying that short phrase. This signals a starting point to the worship team for singing phrases in prayer (otherwise there may be too many options to choose from for them to know what to start with!) Praying on the mic combined with the sung prayers of the worship team helps engage the whole room in intercession together.

Example: You’ve chosen Ephesians 1:17-19 of the Apostolic Prayers. Say to those in the room, I will be praying for the Body of Christ in our region from Ephesians 1:17-19.Next, you might pray something like this: “Father of glory, we stand in the gap for Your Church in this region. Give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Your Son Jesus . . . Make known the riches of Your glory . . . and the greatness of Your power toward believers here.”

End your prayer with the final phrase of your choice: “In Jesus’ name, give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation.” (The worship team then will begin singing phrases from the prayer focus in that moment, such as, Singer 1: “Lord, give us wisdom and revelation,” Singer 2: “Release Your revelation, God,” and so forth.)

Are you ready to engage with us in the upcoming Worship and Prayer Gathering? Print the apostolic prayers and begin seeking the Lord’s heart in praying them as we prepare to pray and worship together! Download and print the Apostolic Prayers here.